• Glazed pork loin, eggplant textures, cassis, nasturtium & homemade scratching

    Glazed pork loin, eggplant textures, cassis, nasturtium & homemade scratching



Tues to Sat: 6.30pm till late

The most memorable meals seem to somehow transcend your expectations, being at the same time exactly what you expected but also in some way different, richer, developed, exciting – in short: a theatrical experience. At No4, we go beyond the benchmark of flavour, form and function. Our offerings are playful and new, while retaining that old familiarity of school yard friend.

An evening at No4 starts with a warm welcome from professionally trained staff who guide you through the whole evening. We take care to cater for preferences, aversions and allergies with tailored vegetarian dishes and menus as well as gluten free and vegan options.

You opt for either the No4 Classic Menu or the full No4 Tasting Menu designed for the special celebration and then we do the rest. The linked menus are provided to indicate a typical dining experience but please note that these are very much 'sample only' and your experience on the night will be crafted to use the best of the seasonal products available. 

All menus have the option of matching wines chosen by our sommelier or chosen from our extensive wine list.

Wednesday to Saturday 

No4 Tasting Menu -       $120, matched wine supp. $80

No4 Classic Menu -        $90, matched wine supp. $55

At the request of some of our regulars, we have introduced an additional menu for midweek which is shorter and quicker.

Mid-Week Menu         Weds & Thurs only, 
                                    $70, matched wine supp. $35

No4 Dinner Club -         Tuesdays, (replaces the Chef's Table)
                                   $65 members, $80 non-members 

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options are available and we can deal with most food preferences.  Please tell us when you book.

Wednesday only - Cellar night, BYO special bottle, no corkage 

Sample Menus provided 1st May 2014 – subject to change

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